Last week, we announced many big partnerships and this week we are again back with a lot of developments.
We did few other partnerships this week and also announced the & with ..!!!

Partnership announcements this week:
1. Prostarter
2. ZBS Capital
3. Mahadao
4. Momentum 6
5. Wealth Ventures

These VC’s support will go well beyond our early-stage development, fostering partnerships and marketing strategies as it continues to move ahead in its mission of being a Global Consortium that will map, monetize, and distribute Web 3.0 Digital Assets Seamlessly across all the Metaverses and Gaming NFTs.

** AcknoLedger announced Whitelisting contest **

Win 20,000 #ACK Tokens & Whitelisting Tokens worth $10000
the contest & be a part of Metaverse.


Watch our CEO @ydcurious talking about AcknowLedger & future of #Metaverse with @AlexandreRaffin the CEO of @GainsAssociates

Follow , the revolutionary nervous system of Web 3.0 digital assets!


**announced that it will be providing to **


Acknoledger’s AMA session with Satoshi Club

AcknoLedger announced the AMA session with @esatoshiclub

Venue Link: Date:


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is a community-centric and transparent DeFi cross-chain platform offering project fundraisings, token sales, and much more for the Crypto community.
Prostarter is a cross-chain IDO launchpad offering projects fundraising, token sales, and many other opportunities for the Crypto community. Cross-chain IGOs, Live Whitelisting, and One Time KYC are some of the core features that make Prostarter a transparent launchpad platform.

is a VC fund dedicated to building a decentralized world together. They support promising early-stage projects & companies with finance and advisory help.
ZBS CAPITAL helps projects to reach their goal with financial and advisory help. They choose prominent start-ups that can change the world!

is a decentralised organization that aims to revolutionizing money. MahaDAO is a community focused DeFi project empowering billions to create timeless value through the ARTH token, the world’s first valuecoin.
, which is releasing ARTH, a decentralized non-depreciating algorithmic token, which derives its value from a basket of uncorrelated assets, the relative weights of which are automatically adjusted by automatic buying and selling in response to changes in the price of each individual asset relative to the others.

is a one stop solution, which work at the intersection of business, creativity and technology. Collaborating with clients to build innovative products and immersive experiences.
Momentum 6 is a full-service digital marketing agency for the blockchain economy, founded by Garlam Won in 2018. We have already helped several projects on their paths to success, and The Sandbox is one of them.

"" is a team of VCs Supporting & investing in Early stage innovative Blockchain Projects.

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About AcknoLedger

AcknoLedger is a Global Consortium that maps, monetize, and distributes Web 3.0 Digital Assets Seamlessly across all the Metaverses and Gaming NFTs. We envision to be the Nervous System of Web 3.0 Digital Assets. AcknoLedger will work on a M2D Model.

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AcknoLedger is a Global consortium that maps, monetizes, and distributes Web 3.0 Digital Assets seamlessly across all the Metaverses and Gaming NFTs.